GFI MailEssentials Complete Online™ is a hosted email security solution for small to medium-sized businesses. This cloud-based service blocks email threats before they reach your network, and provides you with continued access to email even when your own email infrastructure is offline.

GFI MailEssentials Complete Online is easy to use while still including sophisticated technology of an enterprise email security solution.  Its key features include:

  • Network defense – reduce risk, free up bandwidth and ease mail server load
  • Email continuity for uninterrupted access to email even when the mail server is offline
  • Top-notch anti-phishing and multiple antivirus technologies
  • Outbound spam filtering – stopping inappropriate content from being sent from your network
  • Individual spam digests – easily identify any potential false positives and release these from the quarantine

In addition, with an available integrated archive, GFI MailEssentials Complete Online also allows you to easily and reliably store your important email messages for subsequent search and retrieval.

And best of all, the service is easy to set up, and requires little or no ongoing maintenance

Other reasons to use GFI MailEssentials Complete Online:
  • Intuitive web-based control panel
  • Detailed message logging and search capabilities
  • Directory harvest and DoS attack prevention
  • Configurable user preferences
  • Seamless integration with Active Directory
  • Compatible with any email server and operating system

Benefit from our highly affordable pricing, with top-notch support!

99%+ spam detection with Bayesian filtering
Filtering and sorting of logging
Easy tuning of the Bayesian engine via public folders
3rd party DNS blacklists (DNSBL) checking
Email header analysis & keyword checking
Support for SPF - the Sender Policy Framework

Administration dashboard

Archive Search

Billing information